"Create Your Own Adventures" (CYOA)

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About this Game

Adventurers of Renown™ — The Ruins of Able-Wyvern (ARRA) is a Massive Multi-Player online Fantasy Role-Playing Game of High Adventure in which, you control one to several avatars. It has been online actively since 1990 with nearly a million gaming sessions across our five (5!) datacenters ( from our US and Euro-Asian presence found in the UK, FI, BG, and AU )!

The Quest:

Your avatar team explores the varied secrets hidden within decimated castle ruins, lairs, and temples. They discover — and pillage! — exotic weapons, armor, potions, magical scrolls of ancient wisdom, treasure maps, new "user-generated" levels — or imported from the Syndication Market — items, interact with other member's teams socially, and perform many such activities.

Main Features:

  • Explore and discover the "Hidden Levels" alone or in TEAMS — whether Single-player OR multi-player!;
  • "Create Your Own Adventures" (CYOA) levels; charge an entrance fee, if you like, in our global market syndication. (requires a "Merchant of Record" connection)
  • Designed for all ages — without discrimination! — as a menu-driven, "pure strategy-genre" RPG. Great-grandparents can play on a "leveled playing field" with great-grandchildren. LORD has an "Everyone" ESRB rating initially; but, could be tailored to meet your online community's expectations.
  • Grow your avatar's characteristics and additional skills from various guilds and schools;
  • Buy & Sell "one-of-a-kind syndicated" artifacts, relics, and items similar to "Magic: The Gathering" Trade Cards; (requires a "Merchant of Record" connection)
  • "Player vs. Player" (PVP) combat encounters against other exploration teams whenever "Player Matching Filters" are enabled! Issue taunts at them inside the game's optional "chat and graffiti-wall" features; (child-safe restrictions apply)
  • Avatars earn income from their adventures, activities, and various simulated career(s);
  • Rent (or Lease) your avatars to other syndicated members to join their adventuring teams — under their control your avatars continue to earn additional experience, skills, and renown … AND you could earn cash! (requires a "Merchant of Record" connection)

Read more details in the Shareware Rulebook and User Documentation

The Legend:

It was in those days — the days of your father's father, when Lakeshore was known only as small way-side Inn — the Able-Wyvern Castle was the governing seat of a strong thriving Kingdom. The destruction of Able-Wyvern came suddenly and without warning. From the chaos lands, Orcs and Goblin hordes laid siege to the castle with the aid of large hideous beasts known as the 'Wyverns'. The kingdom's Arch-mages, in defense, summoned 'The Ancients' to combat these monstrosities. The violence, from that struggle, laid waste to that once magnificent castle, and all its inhabitants fled southwest for two days to eventually settle around the Inn of Lakeshore. It is rumored that Wyverns still return to those ruins to morn their fallen; some even say the Wyvern are raising young there." Only a sincere Adventurer of Renown™ could learn the truth.